Iron Denies Ever Assaulting His Girlfriend At First Court Hearing

Rapper Iron has denied he ever assaulted his girlfriend at his first public hearing.

Iron was accused of assaulting his girlfriend during sex, where he allegedly punched her during intercourse for not fulfilling his requests. As media sources began reporting on this, he denied that he had ever assaulted her, and released his official statement shortly after.

However, Iron was arrested by police, and on April 18, attended the first public trial for the case at Seoul Central District Court.

At the trial, the prosecution announced that Iron had hit his girlfriend’s face once, and then again two weeks after that, resulting in injuries that required 35 days of treatment.

In response, Iron’s legal representative argued that Iron didn’t intentionally hurt the plaintiff and that she may have reconstructed her memory.

“It’s all karma. I never hit my ex-girlfriend. I requested for a witness today, and the truth will be revealed in the next public hearing through the interrogations.”

— Iron

According to Iron’s legal representative, Choi Ji Woo, a different ex-girlfriend of Iron’s will be attending the next court trials as a witness and will be supporting Iron’s claims that he never assaulted anyone.

The next court trial will be held on May 30.

Source: Ilgan Sports