Is this Korean gymnastics athlete prettier than most idols?

Netizens discuss whether this Korean gymnastics athlete has the beauty of most female idols

Figure skater Kim Yuna also known as the national angel in Korea is known for her talented vocals and beautiful looks. But there is another young female athlete that has gained a lot of attention the past few years for her beauty as well.

Gymnastics athlete Son Yeon Jae has recently become a college student in which her matured beauty is receiving a lot of love.

Sone Yeon Jae has recently posted a selfie on her Instagram which netizens are raving over.


A photo posted by @syj0528 on


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[ +354 / -175] Woah she is so beautiful.

[ +330 / -174] This is really close up and her skin is flawless. Her big eyes on her small face make her look sweet and pretty. She is so beautiful.

[ +193 / -115] Son Yeon Jae >>>>>>>> Kim Hyuna

Source: NewsEN, Instagram