“ISAC” To Be Replaced With “Idol Star Dog Championships” This Year

What an interesting concept.

Korea’s first dog sports agility competition will be held this fall. Every year during Chuseok, idols came together for the Idol Star Athletic Championship, but this year MBC revealed they will be holding an Idol Star Dog Championship instead.

| SM C&C (Left)/SM Entertainment (Right)

According to MBC, “We will be holding a pet sports agility competition with idols and their pets. Red Velvet’s Joy and Jun Hyun Moo will be the hosts for the event.”

Although there have been various pet agility competitions, it is the first time for this type of competition to be created into a reality TV program. Other programs so far have spotlighted the idols’ pets as co-stars, so this show will bring light to the idols’ pets as the main star of the program.

It will also be fun to see the connection between the idols and their pets and is a chance for them to make fun and happy memories together.

A total of 11 teams have already spent two months practicing for this event and have gone through a long process of training. This show will bring not only fun but also touching stories about the experience of training and preparing for the show.

This show will be filmed in a large grass field outdoors and have taken the appropriate measures according to the COVID-19 guidelines. They have made sure to keep a safe distance from the athletes and only bring the least possible number of staff members for the show.

The show officials commented, “We have taken careful measures to make sure safety comes first during the show. Please look forward to the idols and their pets as well as the hosts commentary.”

Source: enews24