Italian Singer Plagiarizes BTS’s “Fake Love” And Makes Racist Comments Towards Them

ARMYs are urging people to report the singer.

Italian singer Seiell recently released a song called “Scenne Nennè”, and ARMYs are calling the artist out for how similar it sounds to BTS‘s “Fake Love”.

The song is almost identical, with Seiell’s version only being a tad bit lower in tone and having more of a bass. Other than that, fans are saying that the song is a straight rip-off of BTS’s.

When asked about possible lawsuits from BTS’s company, Big Hit Entertainment, he had this to say,

Stop bothering me, it doesn’t like anything, this is my song. Kill yourselves and your four stupid Chinese idiots.

He continues to make homophobic and racist towards BTS on his social media, primarily Instagram.

ARMYs are urging people to send their reports and complaints to Big Hit Entertainment, with the hopes of a lawsuit.