An Item from TWICE’s “Likey” MV Is the Most Popular Graduation Present

Move aside, double eyelid surgery!

With it being graduation season in Korea, a certain brand of roller skates has become a popular buy for students.

Due to constant fine dust warnings, outdoor activities have been restricted making rollerskating the go-to hobby.

According to Rio Roller, due to the fine dust warnings and graduation season coming up, their rollerskate sales increased by 50%.

The English brand, Rio Roller is especially popular due to the combination of design and functionality that their products provide.

In particular, after Tzuyu of TWICE was seen wearing them in their MV, “Likey”, the skates have been perceived as both high-quality and trendy among fans.

When the popularity of rollerskates returned in 2017, it was nothing more than a good item for reminiscing the past.

However, in the past year, the activity has stabilized as a legitimate sports culture in Korea.

Let’s take this opportunity to revisit “Likey” and appreciate the wholesome activity one more time:

Source: Seoul Daily


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