ITZY Has Another Record To Their Name

You’ll never guess who they dethroned.

ITZY‘s “DALLA DALLA” has become synonymous with records. Since their debut in February, they have been winning over the hearts of fans all over the world.

Currently, they are the fastest girl group to achieve a music show win – which saw them dethroning IZ*ONE, whose member Chaeyeon is ITZY Chaeryeong‘s older sister.

Now, ITZY has a new record to their name. In just 1 month and 28 days since its release, the music video for “DALLA DALLA” has reached 100 million views on YouTube. This marks “DALLA DALLA” as the fastest K-pop debut MV to hit 100 Million views.

The record last belonged to BLACKPINK, whose MV for their debut single, “Boombayah”, reached 100 million views in almost 6 months.

ITZY celebrated this momentous occasion by gifting their fans with a special surprise.

ITZY released their official instagram page – and fans couldn’t get enough of it.

Congratulations, ITZY!