“The Members Are Crazily Talented But Their Songs…” — Korean Netizens Are On The Fence About ITZY’s “CAKE”

It seems like some like it, while others have more to say.

Girl group ITZY just dropped their music video for “CAKE.” The comeback was a highly anticipated one as their last comeback “Cheshire” was around 8 months ago!

The girls’ visuals were flawless as usual. Chaeryeong looked beautiful in a pair of Apple AirPod Maxes as she looked up in confusion.

She later changed into a racer outfit with a high ponytail that complimented her facial features.

Lia shocked fans with new blond hair.

Her sunny smile was at full force in the music video!

Ryujin’s girl crush mode was switched ON.

We loved seeing her in a mesh top and walker boots.

Yuna looked like every bit the it-girl in cargo pants and a cropped top.

We need that selfie ASAP!

Yeji’s orange hair suits the summer vibes perfectly. Is the dalgona snack in her hand a reference to Squid Game?

Yeji made a solid center whenever dance breaks or the chorus came around.

Although the girls absolutely slayed the song and dance, it seems like netizens are on the fence. They couldn’t help but compare it to the girls’ last summer hit, “Sneakers.”

| theqoo
  • JYP doesn’t scrimp on budget for music videos.
  • It’s better than “Sneakers,” but… I can’t see any of ITZY’s unique colors. I think I get what people are saying.
  • Yuna is pretty.
  • Even small-to-midsized companies these days invest a lot and come out with a great music video. Even if the song is boring, a high quality MV can save it, but this feels like they gave up halfway.
  • I think the MV quality is good, but the song is so-so.
  • Yuna is f*cking pretty. Insanity.
  • I feel like ITZY’s songs after “Wannabe” have not been able to bring out their strong points. I think that’s such a pity. They’re really a crazily talented group…
| theqoo
  • “Bet On Me” was great so this is kinda disappointing…
  • Perhaps because JYP’s girl group’s unique colors are all getting mixed up that it’s hard to tell them apart now…
  • The song they did for Street Woman Fighter was good…
  • The members are too good for this…
  • I love it though? At which part are people not happy about…??? This is the best song after “Sneakers.”
  • JYP groups’ members are good, but the songs are…
  • It’s not bad, but it feels more like a follow-up song from amongst the B-Sides.

Catch the music video below to show your love for the girls!

Source: Theqoo