ITZY’s Chaeryeong Exposes Yeji’s New Sleeping Habit, And It’s Actually Pretty Cool

It’s a habit that matches her perfectly.

To promote their first full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE, the members of ITZY sat down as guests for MBC FM4U’s Noon’s Hope Song. 

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During the radio show, the members promoted their album, and even spilled the tea one another! For one, Chaeryeong exposed Yeji’s adorable sleeping habit!

It was during the TMI segment of the radio show that Yeji admitted she had a new kind of sleeping behavior. As Yeji’s roommate, Chaeryeong confirmed that Yeji does indeed have a new sleeping habit and it fits her incredibly well. Chaeryeong shared that once when Yeji was sleeping she kept hearing some rustling sounds.

When Chaeryeong looked over at Yeji, Yeji was popping (a dance style) in her sleep. Chaeryeong stated, “My unnie was dancing popping while sleeping.” As one of the main dancers of ITZY, popping in her sleep is shocking yet understandable in a way.

Yeji also commented that she usually doesn’t remember her dreams but apparently, her members tremble when they see her sleeping. Now, in addition to her dance popping, Yeji also sleep talks.

Going back to Yeji’s roommate, Chaeryeong shared that Yeji once said “But” in her sleep, and because of all the sleep talk, she “Now sleeps with earplugs in.” Yeji was surprised by Chaeryeong’s comment and asked, “Because of me?

Check out the video below:

Source: Newsen