ITZY Chaeryeong’s Ending Fairy Pose Is A Hilarious Shoutout To When She Trended #1 In Korea

Chaeryeong is effortlessly funny.

For their Music Bank stage on July 29, ITZY‘s Lia and Chaeryeong were the ending fairies, and they didn’t disappoint. While their beauty alone would have been enough for an iconic ending, Chaeryeong decided to kick things up a notch and imitated eating a whole can of pringles at once.

While it might seem random for those who don’t know ITZY well, MIDZY and the general public in South Korea know exactly what she’s alluding to. Chaeryeong recently guested on Lee Young Ji‘s My Alcohol Diary and created this legendary scene.

Chaeryeong: Have you tried to finish the whole Pringles?

Young Ji: What kind of question is that?

Chaeryeong: Have you tried finishing it?

Young Ji: Have I tried finishing it? You never have?

Chaeryeong: I have that’s why I am asking.

Young Ji: Is that surprising for you? … But you feel proud of finishing one whole pringles?

Chaeryeong: I’m like “wow, Lee Chaeryeong you are amazing.”

The clip from the video has already hit 1 million views on Twitter, and Pringles trended at the #1 spot on Twitter in South Korea thanks to this hilariously honest exchange. While most of us can’t relate to Chaeryeong’s small appetite, her cute pride in eating a whole can of pringles won over everyone.

The video itself trended at #1 on YouTube Korea for several days after it was initially released, and in just a week, it’s reached over 6 million views.

Throughout the video, Chaeryeong constantly wrapped the audience around her fingers with her innocent pride, adorable reactions, and witty humor. Chaeryeong doesn’t have to do anything but be unapologetically herself for people to fall in love.

The next time she guests on a variety show, there’s no doubt her humor will continue to capture the hearts of everyone.