ITZY’s Chaeryeong Has Changed Her English Name, But The Members Won’t Let Her Old One Go

Which English name do you think suits her better?

The first episode of LA@ITZY has aired, and fitting in with the California vibe, ITZY decided to use their English names throughout the show.

Lia went by her real name, Julia. For their high teen fashion concept of the day, she went for a Gossip Girl‘s Queen B Blair inspired look.


Ryujin chose the name Joanne, keeping it consistent with the English name she chose for herself years ago. Her look of the day was an ode to their concept in “Icy.”

Yeji also stuck with her chosen name Lucy, and, as is often the case, the point of her look was her hair.

Yuna is still owning the name Hussey, and while it’s a name that invites teasing (especially since in Korean, it sounds like the word for bluff), Yuna is the epitome of young and beautiful, just like Olivia Hussey was in her role as Juliet.

Unlike the others, Chaeryeong has switched her English name to Serena.

Before, her name was Judy, and while both names are beautiful, Judy was definitely more of a cutesy, grandma-like name (and MIDZY couldn’t stop themselves from playfully teasing her about it).

Judy suited Chaeryeong’s sweet and shy personality in the past, but now that she’s letting her true (and loud) personality shine, Serena is the perfect fit. As if to put her past behind her (and in adorable retaliation to all the teasing), Chaeryeong was insistent that she be called Serena, making it clear over and over again.

Sulky Chaeryeong is adorable, so it was hard for the other girls to hold themselves back from teasing her.

Both Yeji and Ryujin called Chaeryeong Judy several times, with Ryujin even calling Yeji and Yuna by other names like Minda and Samantha. Ryujin’s prankster spirit can never be suppressed, allowing ITZY and MIDZY to share smiles and laughter.

We can’t wait to see what adventures lie in store for ITZY in Los Angeles, and if they’re already this chaotic with names, there’s bound to be loads of laughter coming our way.