ITZY Chaeryeong’s Family Seen Crying When Lia Appears In Public For The First Time In Months

We’re not crying, you are 😢

ITZY‘s fans were in for a shock during the start of the group’s second world tour BORN TO BE.

Member Lia, who has been on hiatus since November 2023 due to health concerns, was spotted in the crowd. The members noticed her and called her name from the stage. She readily stood up to wave to them and the fans in the Seoul venue.


It was an emotional time not only for the members, but for their relatives who were present as well. While Lia was greeting everyone at the stadium, two people behind her who fans believe to be the parents of Chaeryeong, were seen tearing up.

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They were seated in the VIP section alongside other family and friends of ITZY. From their emotional expressions, it was evident that they knew Lia on a close level.

Fans were crying online as well. They loved how evident it was that the members are like family in real life and not just for show. Even their own relatives are bonded to the rest of the girls despite not being blood related.

JYP Entertainment confirmed in November 2023 that Lia would be taking a step back from all group activities for an unspecified amount of time. Due toanxiety while undergoing her schedules,” she did not join the group’s comeback and world tour.

Currently, Lia is experiencing symptoms of tension and anxiety while undergoing her schedules.

As a result of the diagnosis made by a specialized doctor, she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and will focus on treatment.

After sufficient discussion with Lia herself and the ITZY members, Lia will be absent from the production of ITZY’s new album and the group’s world tour schedules in January.

— JYP Entertainment

She still made sure to support her members by being there in person!



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