Red Velvet’s Joy Helped ITZY’s Chaeryeong Prepare For “SNEAKERS” Promotions In The Most Joy-Like Way Possible

We need more ITZY-Red Velvet interactions.

ITZY appeared on Knowing Bros, and Chaeryeong shared how she had watched many videos of Red Velvet‘s Joy in preparation for ITZY’s “SNEAKERS” promotions.

Since “SNEAKERS” is a bright song, Chaeryeong felt that besides the choreography, the expressions were crucial to the performance. As “SNEAKERS” is supposed to be a song with contagious positive energy, smiles are extremely important in conveying that happiness. Chaeryeong wanted to be able to convey that joy naturally and beautifully through her smiles, so who better to learn from than Red Velvet’s Joy?

Joy is legendary for being, well, so full of joy, and she often has the general public wrapped around her fingers thanks to her gorgeous smile.

In Red Velvet’s latest comeback, Joy’s confetti part in “Feel My Rhythm” went viral thanks to the fun choreography and Joy’s ethereal beauty.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

It seems like watching all of Joy’s videos worked since Chaeryeong’s expressions while dancing to “SNEAKERS” are bright and flirtatious.

| M2/YouTube 

However, Chaeryeong’s smile has always been happiness-inducing, magnifying her beauty tenfold.

Also, Chaeryeong is a huge fan of Joy, and her cover of “Hello” showcases her sweet voice.

All of ITZY have expressed their admiration and respect for Red Velvet, and we can’t wait to see what interactions may lie in store.