ITZY’s Chaeryeong Reveals She Couldn’t Finish Watching The Whole Season Of “Squid Game”—Here’s Why

She must be protected at all costs!

The members of ITZY recently sat down at KBS Cool FM Jung Eunji’s Gayo Plaza to promote their comeback with their first full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE. 

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After some discussion on their album and its title track “LOCO,” the interview couldn’t go on without mentioning the incredibly popular Netflix show Squid Game.

The show’s DJ Apink‘s Eunji asked the members, “Has anyone seen ‘Squid Game’?” Both Ryujin and Yeji raised their hand and shared that they have both watched the thriller.


Chaeryeong shared that she has seen Squid Game, but couldn’t finish the whole season. As many know, Squid Game has some pretty brutal scenes that are hard for many to stomach. Because of its intense scenes, Chaeryeong admitted it was a bit scary for her to finish: “I only watched a little because I was scared.

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Eunji understood Chaeryeong completely as the drama can be a lot to take for many viewers. Eunji stated, “I can see people who have a hard time because of the cruel scene.”

Source: MBN News

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