ITZY’s Pre-Fanmeeting Dance Practice Shows Just How Much Work Goes Into Preparing For It

They practice hard!

ITZY recently released the 93rd episode of their YouTube series ITZY? ITZY! Here, the five-member girl group was seen practicing the choreographies of their hit songs for their April 9 fanmeeting.

They practiced several tracks including “In the morning (MAFIA)”…

…and “LOCO.”

As seen in these scenes alone, all of their songs were workouts. It was to the point where even the members themselves were visibly tired.

They had a difficult time practicing what to shout to their fans post-dance since they were too busy catching their breaths.

Though doing two songs in a row was already tiring, they continued their practice session with barely any rest. The girls always made sure to monitor themselves right after each round. They paid close attention to their formation and moves, taking notes on what to improve.

Despite their exhaustion, the mood was positive throughout the day. Yuna, for instance, expressed her excitement at being able to see MIDZYs the next day: “Oh, it’s going to be fun tomorrow!”

In the end, their hard work paid off with a successful event!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter
Source: YouTube