ITZY Will Be Airing Their First Reality Show Since Debut, Titled “Paris et ITZY”

Coming to all MIDZYs in 2020!

CJ ENM’s M2 announced that ITZY will be releasing their first ever reality show since their debut! It’s been 10 months since the girls debuted and their fans will finally get to see the members’ daily lives through the upcoming show, titled Paris et ITZY (meaning “Paris and ITZY”)!

ITZY traveled to Paris to film their reality show, where they will be seen traveling the city for 100 hours. A mini-Vlog of their time in Paris for their fashion show with Louis Vuitton ignited the beginning of the girls’ time in Paris!


The show’s producer explained that ITZY had a memorable time in Paris as they traveled freely and experienced unforgettable moments!

Through the reality show, ITZY will travel freely like any other tourist as they enjoy a healing vacation and experience unforgettable moments.

I hope this news comes as a gift to ITZY fans all around the world who have been waiting for ITZY’s reality show. Please look forward to Paris et ITZY.

— Show PD


Paris et ITZY will begin airing in January 2020!

Source: Sports Donga