ITZY Has Different Favorite Things To Do After Arriving At Their Hotel—Here’s Why Each Member Is Unique

Ryujin, for one, prioritizes food.

ITZY is a five member group with members who have their own distinct personalities. This was seen especially when they did different things as soon as they checked into their hotel rooms in Jeju Island.

Check them out below!

1. Yeji

First up, Yeji went for a night stroll around the hotel grounds. She gravitated towards the fountain area and declared her love for the relaxing view.

The scenery I picture when I think, ‘I want to go to Jeju Island’ is this.

— Yeji

She also didn’t miss the chance to take selfies against the luxurious backdrop for fans to see.

2. Yuna

Next up, Yuna also went for a walk during her free time, but unlike Yeji, she focused on taking photos of the garden. The subjects of her photography skills were trees, tangerines, and more.

3. Ryujin

For all the homebodies out there, you can probably relate to Ryujin! She cooped up in her hotel room and ordered food right away. She got herself some mouth-watering steak that she fully enjoyed.

4. Chaeryeong and Lia

Finally, Chaeryeong and Lia both stayed inside their individual hotel rooms. Despite being separated for only a short while, they couldn’t seem to stay apart and called each other on the phone!

We’re one room apart. We’re connected.

— Lia

They later met up since their rooms were just beside each other, and Chaeryeong turned her attention to Ryujin, calling to ask about her current activities.

Ryujin, what are you doing?

— Chaeryeong

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube