ITZY Describe Their Friendship In 3 Words, And They Have Some Of The Most Wholesome Answers Ever

Let’s hope Lia’s words come true!

ITZY have just released their fifth mini-album Checkmate with the title track “Sneakers,” a fun summer song packed with lyrics and symbolism of female empowerment. Besides their stage promotions, the girls have participated in many interviews, including a Besties on Besties interview with Seventeen where they talked about their friendship.

True to a Besties on Besties interview, the girls were asked to describe their friendship in 3 words.

(from left to right) Chaeryeong, Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Yuna | Seventeen/YouTube

Lia answered first without any hesitation: “Sisters for life.”

Ryujin further elaborated, saying how Lia frequently said that even when the girls are grandmas, they should have tea time together. The rest of the members agreed with her idea, and it’s clear that ITZY see their friendship continuing even after they’re too old to be idols.

Yeji shared her three words next, and through her words, it’s easy to see that the basis of ITZY’s friendship is love and trust.

Yuna followed up with the same word, “belief,” as well as the words soulmate and besties. ITZY’s biggest strength is their belief in one another, allowing them to grow even stronger as they continue to climb higher and higher.

Ryujin’s answer to another question reveals that the reason behind ITZY’s close relationship is that they’re constantly talking to one another, sharing everything with one another, whether it be their deepest secrets or little daily doses of happiness.

Finally, when ITZY were asked about their favorite memory, Chaeryeong eagerly shouted, “In Paris,” and the rest of her members echoed her sentiments. One would think that because it’s Paris, the memory must have been something to do with sightseeing or trying new things, but that wasn’t the case.

Despite the rather ordinary act of eating and chatting together, it’s the girls’ favorite memory, proving that what they love the most is being in each other’s presence. Tteokbokki and delivery food might just be ITZY’s current version of their future tea times.

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