ITZY’s “Giant Maknae” Yuna Reveals She’s Still Growing Taller

This baby’s not done growing!

ITZY‘s Yuna is the youngest baby of the group but she’s gotten the name “Giant Maknae” for a good reason!

During a recent radio interview, Yuna boasted that she’s the youngest out of the group but she’s the tallest! The girls even hold height contests at home and Yuna’s officially beaten Yeji as the tallest member! And that’s not all… Yuna believes she’s still growing!

I’m the youngest, but I’m the tallest at 169 cm (5ft 6.5in).

We measure our heights with bare feet at our dorms, and I’ve grown significantly taller than Yeji.

I think I’m still growing a little bit!

— Yuna

Yeji confirmed that Yuna has beaten her in height now and that she’s certainly growing since she’s still in her mid-teenage years. Yeji is 19 years old, while Yuna is 16 years old.

I think Yuna is still growing. It’s overwhelming.

— Yeji

Back when ITZY first debuted just last year, Yuna didn’t seem to be significantly taller than the other members. Yeji was still the tallest one of the group.

Just a couple of months later, during their “ICY” promotions, Yuna’s height seemed to be catching up to everyone.

And fast forward another few months and Yuna was neck and neck with Yeji!

And now, just a little over a year since their debut, Yuna has officially outgrown Yeji to claim the title of the “Tallest Member of the Group”!

Meanwhile, the members didn’t fail to point out the shortest one of the group – Lia! They gave Lia the nickname of “Shorty” for her height, but she defended herself claiming she’s not really that short! The other members are tall!

Even if I’m the shortest, I’m still 162 cm tall. They’re all just tall kids.

— Lia

Ryujin agreed by adding, “Lia looks taller than she is because she has a good physical ratio.

Just how tall will this Giant Maknae grow to be? But no matter how tall she gets, she’ll always be the baby to MIDZYs’ eyes!

Source: Osen