ITZY Grabs Billboards Emerging Artists Spotlight & Talks About Their Hopes As A Group

“We’re really honored and thankful for the attention.” – ITZY

ITZY was featured as Billboard‘s Emerging Artist & sat down for an interview that was released on August 9. They talked about the pressure of having such an enormously successful debut with “DALLA DALLA” and what inspired them to be idols.

Many great artists before us have been representing K-pop globally, and we grew our dream watching them. It would be an honor to represent and receive a chance to perform in front of our global fans, just like our senior artists. We want to be part of the influence great music and performance.


ITZY is working hard to make a name for themselves and stamp that name into the history of K-Pop. With their back-to-back hits “DALLA DALLA” and “ICY”, these monster rookies are well on their way to achieving this dream.



Source: Billboard