ITZY Reveals How They Feel About Their New Title Track Being Produced Park Jin Young

Their new track “ICY” was produced by JYP.

ITZY finally made their first comeback since their debut with “DALLA DALLA” from February of this year. The girls recently held a comeback showcase for their new album “It’z Icy”.


There, they revealed that their new title track “ICY” was produced by JYP Entertainment’s very own Park Jin Young! They claimed it was a real honor for them to have JYP produce one of their songs and look forward to promoting it well.

It’s such an honor that [Park Jin Young] gave us a song for the first time. It was a wish come true so we all worked really hard.

We prepared well with the song given to us by [JYP], so we hope many people enjoy it.



They explained that “ICY” is more of an extension of their first song, “DALLA DALLA”, which was produced by Galactika. They hope to convey the same message in a song that’s well fitted for the hot summer.

We think that ‘ICY’ isn’t different from ‘DALLA DALLA’ since it’s more of an extension. It has the same message that we’re trying to convey.

The only difference is that it’s better fitting for the hot summer. It has a cool beat and fun mood that will help cool you down in the hot weather.



Congratulations to ITZY’s first collab with Park Jin Young!


Check out ITZY’s new hit song, “ICY”!

Source: Newsen