ITZY And Jessi Name The Three Things They Love About Each Other—Here’s What They Each Said

They were all praise for each other!

ITZY recently sat down for an interview with Jessi on Showterview with Jessi. One of their tasks was to answer a question with the first three words that come to mind.

ITZY on Showterview with Jessi

Chaeryeong, for instance, said that the three things she wants to buy right now are a watch, bag, and necklace.

Yuna was still in Chuseok mode, Korea’s thanksgiving holiday, and asked for an apple, peach, and pineapple.

ITZY and Jessi also found the chance to praise each other nonstop. Yeji was asked to say the words that she thinks best describe Jessi. Without hesitation, she listed down numerous characteristics about her that were all good.

Chic, Charisma, and Body Shape.

— Yeji

Jessi, of course, loved it! She grinned from ear to ear and even hid her face in embarrassment.

As for her own thoughts about ITZY, she happily said they’re “sexy, cute, and down to earth.” It came straight from her heart without any second thoughts, and the girl group was undoubtedly pleased.

Check out the full video below for more fun Jessi and ITZY moments.

Source: YouTube