Fans Support ITZY’s Lia Against Pointless Hate With The Hashtag #ApologizeToLia

She has so much support!

Earlier today, ITZY‘s official Twitter account uploaded a video of main vocalist Lia covering a snippet of TWICE‘s Nayeon‘s song “Love Countdown”.

It’s a sweet and adorable cover of her elder labelmate’s song, and MIDZYs in the comments were full of love and appreciation for the gift to them!

Lia | SBS

However, for some reason, the post has garnered several hateful quote retweets with netizens cruelly and bizarrely criticizing her singing abilities.

Fans were quick to notice the pointless hate being directed at the talented vocalist, and several hashtags such as #ApologizeToLia, #LiaDeservesBetter, and #JYP_ProtectLia have started trending on Twitter.

The amount of love being directed at Lia far outweigh the hateful energy that non-fans tried to send her way, and we hope that she only sees all of the positivity from MIDZYs!

Lia | SBS


After all, she is a main vocalist of one of the most popular fourth-generation K-Pop girl groups for a reason!