ITZY’s Lia Is Living Every Fangirls’ Fantasy After Being Noticed By One Of Her Favorite Artists, American Singer Kehlani

We need an ITZY x Kehlani collaboration ASAP!

As a K-Pop fan, nearly everyone’s dream is to be noticed by their bias or favorite act, whether through social media, at a concert, or in any way possible. However, despite being famous in their own rights, idols have their artists that they look up to, and they want the same thing as us: to be noticed.

Recently, it seems as if one idol lived the true fangirl dream when she was noticed by one of her favorite idols, and it is ITZY’s Lia.

ITZY’s Lia | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

On the weekend, Lia and NCT‘s Jeno 2021 World K-POP Concert with a whole host of guests performing from the K-Pop industry. However, there was one surprising act that caught the attention of fans worldwide and definitely caught the attention of Lia. One of the guests was none other than American singer Kehlani!

American singer Kehlani | @kehlani/ Instagram

During the event, Kehlani surprised fans by performing some of her famous tracks for those watching worldwide. As expected, she absolutely slayed it.

| 한국문화축제K-Culture Festival/ YouTube 

Yet, this was such a big moment because Lia is a huge fan of Kehlani and has shared on a number of occasions her love for the singer. Many MIDZYs thought that the fact that Lia got to introduce her would’ve been such a huge moment for her, and they couldn’t get over her smile during that moment.

| 한국문화축제K-Culture Festival/ YouTube
| 한국문화축제K-Culture Festival/ YouTube

Luckily, fans were treated to some behind-the-scenes footage that showed Lia cheering for Kehlani as she left the stage. Despite being rushed away, she made sure to show her appreciation for one of her favorite artists.

However, if that wasn’t enough for Lia to fulfill her fangirl dream, something happened after the concert that definitely cemented Lia as #fangirlgoals!

When introducing Kehlani’s stage, Lia showcased her love for the artist by singing one of her songs, and a MIDZY was so proud of the performance and shared it on Twitter, tagging Kehlani in it.

On November 15 (EST), Kehlani retweeted the clip of Lia singing her song with the word “OMG” followed by a crying and heart-eye emoji. If that wasn’t enough, Kehlani also liked several tweets from ITZY fans that had Lia in them!

Although Lia has yet to respond to how she felt after getting noticed by Kehlani, fans online couldn’t hide their excitement for the ITZY member. In particular, many started sharing older videos of Lia singing along to her songs.

Lia was definitely living her best fangirl life after getting noticed by Kehlani. Hopefully, after hearing Lia’s amazing voice that cements her role as the main vocalist, Kehlani will find a way to come back to Korea and collaborate with the group!

Source: | 한국문화축제K-Culture Festival