ITZY’s Lia Goes Viral With Her Cool-Girl Vibes

Who wouldn’t want to be her?

ITZY’s Lia manages to capture the attention of both fans and non-fans without lifting a finger. With her effortless cool-girl aura, it makes sense. She recently went viral with just one picture.

ITZY’s Lia |

Lia recently posted a series of photos to Instagram that showed her on an impromptu vacation. Though she looks cute in all her updates, fans particularly loved a photo set that showed the idol in a car, wearing sunglasses, and donning a tank with the words “no peeking” emblazoned across the chest.


Needless to say, she looked stunning. One fan even took to Twitter to reupload one of the pictures and captioned it, “excuse me choi jisu.” 

It quickly went viral, garnering over 227k likes, making it the most liked ITZY-related tweet.

It’s not the first time Lia has gone viral for just existing. MIDZYs have also pointed out that a TikTok featuring Lia is one of the most liked ITZY-related videos on the platform.

With over 14.8 million views and 4.6 million likes, the fancam video is simple. It shows Lia fixing her armband but looking hot in the process.


#lia #itzy

♬ Hot ppl are using this sound – 🎧

If that’s not proof of her cool-girl vibe, what is?

Of course, Lia is more than just a hit tweet. Fans hope she’ll continue to receive the appreciation she deserves for both her incredible aura and immense talent.