ITZY’s Yuna Goes Viral For All Of The Positive Things She Brings To The Group

“I can’t imagine ITZY without you…”

A post on an online community revealing the positive things ITZY‘s Yuna brings to the group has since gone viral.

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The post titled “The One Member That Changed The Vibe Of A Whole Group” was uploaded on June 16 and has since been viewed over 190K times as of writing this article.

Post titled “The One Member That Changed The Vibe Of A Whole Group” | Nate Pann

The post featured ITZY members talking about the positive changes Yuna has brought to the group.

All the members besides Yuna are the type to blame themselves if they aren’t happy with themselves. However, Yuna is the type that says, ‘We are the best, we are so cool,’ and that gave the other members a lot of confidence.

— Netizen

ITZY member Ryujin thanked Yuna for her positivity and for joining the group.

Yuna (left) and Ryujin (right) | JYP Entertainment
| JYP Entertainment

I don’t remember what it was like before you joined the group. All four of us are the type to blame ourselves. If we aren’t happy with ourselves, we tend to hate ourselves, but after you came in…

— Ryujin

| JYP Entertainment

The change you brought is so big. You say, ‘We are so cool when we do this,’ and ‘Our team is so good at this,’ and because of you, we are able to stay confident.

— Ryujin

Member Chaeryeong is also shown in the post telling Yuna how her good vibes are contagious and give the members strength and confidence.

Chaeryeong (left) and Yuna (right) | JYP Entertainment

Yuna gives us a lot of confidence before a debut or a comeback; it’s because of Yuna! It’s because of Yuna we laugh a lot, and I can’t imagine… I can’t imagine ITZY without you, so I am so thankful you joined us… Thanks for joining our team.

— Chaeryeong

| JYP Entertainment

You are always next to me, saying ‘Unnie!’ and giving me confidence. You are a dongseng that instills a lot of confidence in me.

— Chaeryeong

| JYP Entertainment

Our Yuna even once said, ‘Unnie, how do you talk so sweetly?’

— Chaeryeong

Netizens who saw the post were touched by the exchanges.

  • It’s interesting as I didn’t think Ryujin would have any self doubts.
  • Chaeryeong loves Yuna so much, I can’t believe the people on Nate Pann once tried to make it seem like she didn’t.
  • Every team needs a member like her, someone who is always bright.
  • These pretty girls have even prettier personalities. You can see how Yuna was raised, she expresses herself so well, girls like that are always popular in school.
  • I love the Shin Sisters ♥

The JYP Entertainment group debuted in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop. Are you a fan? Check out their song “LOCO” below!

Source: Nate Pann