ITZY Reveal Best Dancers, Troublemaker & Self-Care Tips During Their US Television Debut

This makes ITZY the first Korean girl group to ever perform on the show!

Less than one year after dropping their first single, “Dalla Dalla”, ITZY has already made a US television debut on Good Day New York! The first girl group to perform on this popular American morning show, the ITZY members divulged who the best dancers (and troublemaker!) in the group are, gave fans some self-care tips, and more.


After the Good Day New York hosts introduced ITZY as “monster rookies”, the members all greeted the viewers in perfect English! As the group wraps up their first US tour, Lia revealed that the best part of it all was meeting MIDZYs all around the world.

MIDZYs are passionate, so it was surprising and touching. We won’t forget.

— Chaeryeong

Since the hosts had been talking about self-care before ITZY’s segment, they took the time to ask Yeji about a story she revealed on a recent live broadcast: when she was 8, she was hospitalized for several serious illnesses.

Yeji revealed the scary story on live broadcast a few days before the group’s US TV debut.

They asked Yeji to share some self-care tips with the viewers to keep everyone from getting sick—and Lia did a great job of translating!

Yeji said ‘Watch out for colds because it’s definitely winter and it’s so cold out there.’ So hot water and vitamins are really important.

— Lia

The members also showed off their pre-performance ritual to the Good Day New York hosts—a loud chant of “ITZY! MIDZY! Nalja!”.

The chant means “ITZY! MIDZY! Fly high!” in Korean.

Ryujin had already explained the group’s fandom name to the hosts at the beginning of the segment. But unfortunately, they still misheard MIDZY as “bitsy”!

After an amazing performance of “Dalla Dalla”, the hosts were so impressed with ITZY’s dancing, they said it looked like the members were floating! When they asked Lia to reveal the best dancer in the group, there was a lot of hesitation. Eventually she answered “Chaeryeong and Yeji”, but Chaeryeong quickly piped up with her own opinion.

All members [are the best dancers].

— Chaeryeong

Finally, the hosts wanted to know who the troublemaker is in ITZY. Lia’s answer?

None of us are troublemakers!

— Lia