ITZY Reveal How Company Founder J. Y. Park Takes Care Of Their Health

Seems like ITZY have a sweet relationship with their founder.

This week, ITZY joined IU for an adorable interview on her YouTube show, IU’s Palette, where they revealed how their agency founder takes care of their health.

Many of the biggest K-Pop agencies have developed a reputation among fans for not paying close enough attention to their artists’ physical health. According to ITZY, that doesn’t apply to JYP Entertainment.

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While talking with ITZY about the difficulties of maintaining physical fitness, IU brought up something she heard about JYP Entertainment’s founder and CCO, J. Y. Park, bringing the members “something good for your body

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I thought J. Y. Park takes good care of [health], doesn’t he?

— IU

Leader Yeji went on to explain that J. Y. Park often “suddenly appears” while the ITZY members are practicing, but not to check up on their moves. Instead, he comes armed with health advice: “Girls, green tea is good for your body“.

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And that’s not all. Chaeryeong revealed that the founder even quizzes the members on healthy habits and remedies—perhaps testing them on advice he’s given in the past. The members that after checking in on their practice, J. Y. Park will ask questions like, “What’s good for a cold?“.

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Of course, Yeji says J. Y. Park makes sure to give them all the answers. Ultimately, Yeji says that the agency head “takes care of our health“—something that should help put MIDZYs’ minds at ease when the members are hard at work on a comeback.

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