ITZY Reveal The Secret To Yeji’s Flawless Instagram Pictures

Yeji’s selfies are iconic!

During the latest episode of Knowing Bros, ITZY discussed the differences in groups’ facial expressions during their performances. In particular, the members focused on Yeji‘s poses both on and off-stage!

Yuna pointed out that when Yeji is on stage, she can sometimes look a bit scary with her sharp moves. Lia explained that it also had something to do with Yeji’s chin and how she positioned it.

Ryujin then added that it wasn’t just with her performances but also her selfies that she had this intense glare.

When Yeji takes pictures, she always does this with her hands. The angle Yeji uses is fixed.

— Ryujin

There is no doubt that Yeji is the selfie queen, and Yuna knew that some of her pictures on Instagram with that pose prove just how iconic she is.

Yeji then had a chance to have her say, explaining that she uses that pose because it has the prettiest angle for her!

No matter what pose she uses, there is no denying that Yeji and the rest of ITZY are professionals at taking selfies!

You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: FI