ITZY Members Exposed Yeji For The Type Of Leader She Really Is

The ITZY members had some interesting things to say.

The charming ITZY made a recent appearance on IU’s Palette. Along with their performance, IU asked the group various questions that centered around their songs, the group, and each individual member.

IU first started off with her impression of ITZY.

As you were coming, I looked up some videos about you and V LIVE. You look extremely excited. I also watched your personnel channel and I thought, ‘There’s no hiearchy between the members.’ That’s what I thought. The teams showing great teamwork like you have somehing in common. There’s no hiearchy between the members. I think that’s there heart of long-lasting teamwork and as I was watching your videos. I assumed you feel very comfortable with each other, am I right?

— IU

IU then put the spotlight on ITZY’s Yeji: I didn’t know that you’re the leader of the team. Because of your appearance, I thought ‘she might be the youngest,’ but actually you’re the leader.

Yeji gave an adorable and shy reaction to IU’s comment and thanked IU. IU continued to focus on Yeji and asked the other members about her leadership: “So, the other members, tell me, what kind of leader is she?

Ryujin answered IU’s question first but gave an unexpected reply: “She’s the reason why there’s no hierarchy in our team.

According to the members, Yeji is more friendly than she is authoritative. Instead of being harsh and overpowering her members, Ryujin shared that “‘let’s become friends with each other,’ that’s what she does.

IU agreed with the members and shared that she could tell “she treats you as friends” and makes “a comfortable mood.”

IU became curious and then asked if there is ever a time Yeji does “show her charisma as a leader.” To which maknae Yuna revealed when she felt Yeji’s charismatic leadership: “Every time I monitor our performances, I look at her in admiration.”

Chaeryeong added in a funny yet serious comment and claimed “she looks furious” when she is performing on stage. The video then displayed a comparison picture of friendly Yeji off stage to furious Yeji on stage.

Iu stated that she felt the same way about Yeji just by watching her: “The difference between Yeji on stage and off stage is huge, I felt that too.”

Clearly Yeji is a sweet leader who makes her members feel comfortable and confident! Glad to hear the members love their fierce leader!

Check out the full video below: