ITZY’s Ryujin Made Chaeryeong Cutely Call Her “Unnie” But Things Did NOT Turn Out As She Expected

Ryujin didn’t expect this quick turn of events!

ITZY guest starred on Idol Radio recently, where they revealed what they wanted to hear from each other as members. When it came to what Ryujin wanted to hear from Chaeryeong, she revealed she wanted to hear Chaeryeong cutely calling her “unnie“!

Despite being only 2 months older than her, Ryujin wanted to hear Chaeryeong being cute as a button to her!

We’re the same age but she was born exactly 2 months later than me. Chaeryeong is very mature, so she takes care of me often. She feels like an unnie to me a lot, but I want to hear her call me ‘unnie’ for once.

I wrote it down as my personal wish.

— Ryujin

To fulfill her friend’s wish, Chaeryeong called her “unnie” but accentuated the fact that she’s only 2 months older!

Not satisfied with Chaeryeong’s sarcastic aegyo, Ryujin continued to wait for more. But things took a turn when Chaeryeong called out her height!

Unnie, you’re short though. You keep saying you’ve grown but you’re still shorter than me!

— Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong is the second tallest of the group, while Ryujin is the second shortest! Ryujin kept insisting that she grew, but Chaeryeong was having none of it!

Ryujin: “I grew 1cm, okay?”

Chaeryeong: “It’s because you measured yourself in the morning, okay?”

Ryujin: “I’m telling you it’s not!”

Chaeryeong: “Unnie, you’re short, okay?”


After adorably bickering about their heights, Ryujin and Chaeryeong just kept it rolling on with their own inside jokes!

Ryujin: “Do you think you’re all that cause you’re pretty?”

Chaeryeong: “Yeah, being pretty is everything.”

Ryujin: “Fine, do whatever you want.”


They finally stopped when the hosts couldn’t handle their cuteness anymore, claiming, “You guys both do whatever you want!

These two adorable queens have the cutest chemistry!

Watch the adorable interaction starting at 1:03:00 below: