“I Literally Didn’t Recognize Her!” — ITZY Ryujin’s Dramatic Transformation In Recent Video Shocks Netizens

Is it Ryujin, Han So Hee, or a member of TWICE?

Since debuting in 2019, ITZY has maintained their spot as one of the most loved girl groups, and the members are always a hot topic for their visuals.

Recently, member Ryujin shocked fans after a dramatic transformation left her unrecognizable.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

With her cat-like features, Ryujin has gained attention for her unreal visuals and never fails to impress wherever she goes.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter
| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Even in performances, Ryujin has always had a distinct look and is easily recognizable to netizens.


Yet, her recent activities shocked netizens when they couldn’t recognize the idol.

On March 22, ITZY’s Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yeji took part in the “Set Me Free” challenge created by their JYP Entertainment seniors TWICE. As expected, the three idols completely slayed the challenge and showcased their undeniable skills as the group’s dubbed “Dance line.”

While all of the comments couldn’t stop praising ITZY’s “Cat Line,” it seems like the video was full of netizens who were confused by Ryujin’s visuals.

During the video, it was undeniable that Ryujin looked flawless, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing any makeup was even more beautiful.

However, the comments showcased Ryujin’s dramatic transformation, as many netizens initially didn’t recognize the idol. In particular, many pointed out that the idol looked like other Korean celebrities. Of course, one of the first was Ryujin’s celebrity lookalike Han So Hee

Over the years, the two stars have always been compared to each other with their features, visuals, and charm. So, it wasn’t surprising that many saw the actress in the TikTok video.

Considering that they were dancing to a TWICE song, it wasn’t surprising that many of the comments thought that Yeji and Chaeryeong were doing the challenge with members from TWICE. 

Others even pointed out that they didn’t know who was dancing with Chaeryeong and Yeji and that it was someone new they didn’t know.

While Ryujin always looks beautiful, the combination of no makeup and, for many, weight loss meant that looking at the idol from far away made them have a double take.

Source: @ITZYOfficial/TikTok