Ryujin’s Showstopper Moment: ITZY Star Brings Actress-Like Glam to Gucci Cruise Show

“Now we need actress Ryujin back.”

ITZY‘s Ryujin has once again captivated fans with her breathtaking visuals, this time at the prestigious Gucci Cruise 2024 Show. The event, which was attended by numerous K-Pop stars, showcased the latest collection from the luxury fashion brand. Among the star-studded guests were NewjeansHanni, aespa‘s Winter, IU, The BoyzYounghoon and Juyeon, and IVE‘s Leeseo. While all the idols were praised for their impeccable visuals and netizens were busy ranking the outfits, it was Ryujin who stole the spotlight with her jaw-dropping appearance and actress-like aura.

Ryujin made a stunning entrance at the event, donning a yellow-cobalt printed jacket that perfectly complemented her striking features. Paired with a chic mini black skirt and horse-bit platform loafers, her outfit exuded a contemporary and classic charm, emphasizing her impeccable fashion sense.

While fans were already mesmerized by Ryujin’s ethereal beauty, it was her intense actress vibes that truly set the internet ablaze. Netizens across various social media platforms couldn’t help but express their admiration for the ITZY member, noting her uncanny ability to exude a powerful aura reminiscent of seasoned actresses. Many fans even expressed their eagerness to witness Ryujin’s official acting debut in the near future.

MIDZYs, with a keen eye, also observed a delightful surprise during the show – Ryujin was seated right next to Hollywood star and Golden Globe winner Saoirse Ronan. The sight of these two talented individuals side by side amplified the actress vibes radiating from Ryujin. Fans were elated to see their beloved idol in the company of such a prominent actress, further fueling their anticipation for Ryujin’s potential acting career.

Korean netizens also were awe-struck by the intense actress vibes that accompanies Ryujin during her appearance on the red carpet. A post on the popular community site TheQoo discussing her look of choice has received more than 33,700 views and surpassed 200 comments. K-netizens had nothing but praise to say about the K-Pop star’s fashion sense, with most of the commenters also pointing out her powerful actress aura.

As the Gucci Cruise Show concluded, the internet continued to buzz with praise for Ryujin’s remarkable visuals and her ability to channel actress-like visuals effortlessly. With her captivating presence and undeniable talent, it seems only natural for fans to yearn for Ryujin’s venture into the acting realm. Whether she decides to pursue acting or not, one thing is for certain – Ryujin’s star power continues to shine brightly, captivating hearts and leaving an indelible mark in the world of K-Pop and beyond.