ITZY’s Ryujin Sends The Internet Into Meltdown With Her Barefaced Visuals In Latest Instagram Post

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When it comes to K-Pop idols who arent strangers to breaking the internet, ITZY‘s Ryujin is definitely one of those people.

ITZY’s Ryujin |

No matter what she does, the idol has the ability to send netizens into meltdown, whether it’s with her dazzling visuals, exceptional talent, and charming personality that makes her a true #GirlCrush.


Well, it seems like she’s done it again with some selfies that look like the idol is wearing little to no makeup, but is serving some serious visuals.

Back on May 21, Ryujin posted a selfie on Bubble and netizens couldn’t stop gushing about the idol’s visuals in a close-up selfie.

Well, if that was too much for netizens, Ryujin didn’t want to leave MIDZY with only that. A few days later, Instagram and social media went into meltdown when Ryujin posted more images from that day on Instagram with a cute set of emojis as the caption.

In the photo, Ryujin was in the same setting as the previous selfie, and she treated fans to even more angles of her natural beauty.


Within five hours, the images were liked more than 1.5 million times and the comments couldn’t get enough of Ryujin’s visuals.

One account even shared that it managed to reach one million likes in less than three hours, making it the fastest post from any fourth-generation female idol.

It was no different on Twitter where the phrase “SHIN RYUJIN” was trending as netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the idol’s images.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Ryujin has sent the internet into meltdown with her barefaced selfies. While most idols are reluctant to be seen without makeup, Ryujin has never been afraid to showcase her visuals when she isn’t on stage.

Even when she’s wearing makeup, sometimes Ryujin proves that less is more as she might only wear some foundation or add some color to her lips.


As always, ITZY continues to shine in the eyes of netizens, not only with their music but the message that everyone is beautiful and you don’t need makeup to feel confident.

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