ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals How Jo In Sung Treated Her While Filming “The King” Together

Jo In Sung surprised Ryujin.

ITZY‘s Ryujin may be a killer singer and dancer, but she also has a surprising background of acting in a movie! She made a short appearance on the movie “The King” that featured actor Jo In Sung as the main lead.


She played the role of a student named Jimin, who was sexually assaulted and abused by her P.E. teacher.


Although she played a minor part in the movie, Ryujin revealed that Jo In Sung “gave [her] a lot of advice” during their short time together.


Not only was she blown away by his kindness, but she was also amazed by his famous visuals! She understood why he was so popular!

He was super tall but his face was super small! Wow~ I realized why people are crazy about Jo In Sung.

— Ryujin


Check out Ryujin’s short-but-amazing performance in “The King” below!

Source: Newsen