ITZY’s Ryujin Protects Lia After She Gets Unexpectedly Shoved During Music Bank Arrival

“Ryujin is really upset.”

A recent incident involving ITZY’s main vocalist, Lia, has sparked outrage among the group’s fanbase. The group was making their way towards SBS’s Music Bank when an unidentified individual — still unclear whether a fansite or a reporter — roughly pushed Lia aside.

The shocking incident was captured on various cameras, with several fans and onlookers witnessing the unfortunate event unfold. Making matters even more concerning was the fact that Lia appeared visibly tired and unwell, amplifying the negative impact of the sudden push.

Lia after she got pushed. | @FIVEOFITZY/Twitter

The footage also shows fellow ITZY member Ryujin immediately coming to Lia’s rescue. Notably upset by the uncalled-for gesture, Ryujin’s frown was apparent as she swiftly held onto Lia. The ITZY star ensured her member’s safety and guided her away from the bustling crowd of reporters and fans.

Fans have since taken to Twitter to express their disappointment, anger, and concern over the incident. A majority of the fans were appalled at the lack of an apology from the person who pushed Lia as she nonchalantly walked away from the scene.

Questions regarding the security arrangements for the popular girl group also arose. Fans questioned the efficiency of ITZY’s security detail, with one stating, “Why would their security not do anything ????

The evident change in Ryujin’s mood was also highlighted by fans — with many finding her reaction rightful and thanking her for stepping in.

Given the rising popularity of K-Pop idols and their increasing interactions with the public, incidents like these shed light on the potential risks they face. Fan meetings, public broadcasts, and other events often expose idols to such unforeseen dangers. As such, many fans have begun urging entertainment companies to beef up their security protocols to ensure the safety of their beloved idols.

Neither JYP Entertainment nor ITZY’s members have released an official statement regarding the incident. Still, fans across the globe are waiting to see what measures will be taken to prevent such events in the future.

Meanwhile, Lia was not able to participate in ITZY’s music show performance earlier today, as well as the group’s upcoming fan sign events both online and offline. JYP Entertainment, the group’s label, cited “health reasons” as the cause behind her absence.