ITZY Ryujin’s Sexy-AF “Long Blonde” Look Has K-Pop Fans Feeling Super Shy After All


On Show Music Core August 22, ITZY came through and conquered the stage with their fierce new summer bop, “Not Shy”. While all five members looked absolutely breathtaking…

ITZY at “Show Music Core”. | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

… Ryujin, who is actually better known and loved for her iconic bob cuts…

Ryujin’s “Noy Shy” teaser photo. | @itzyofficial/Twitter

… had everyone feeling attacked and shy-AF with her long blonde locks!

For the first time since debut, Ryujin 200% slayed this waist-length goddess hair aesthetic on stage…

… and MIDZYs are living for it!

ITZY’s Instagram story capturing Ryujin’s long hair. |

Will this convince Ryujin to try growing her hair out and trying a longer do in the future? MIDZYs remain hopeful.

  • “I think Ryujin would look stunning in a high ponytail. I mean, she’s gorgeous in that low ponytail too, of course.”
  • “Ryujin’s hair is god’s work, seriously… I want to see it untied!”
  • “Ryujin in long hair is f*cking gorgeous. Lia’s is nice too. Every single one of them is beautiful!”
  • “Is that Ryujin in long hair? What the heck, she looks good in everything. Her visual is seriously out of this world.”
  • “I died after seeing Ryujin in long hair, period.”

Watch the performance here:

Source: THEQOO