ITZY’s Ryujin Stuns With Her Flawless Visuals And Toned Physique As She Flies To Los Angeles For “KCON 2022”

“ITZY’s Shin Ryujin took my breath away.”

ITZY recently arrived in Los Angeles to participate in KCON 2022, and as usual, they arrived in style. Ryujin in particular left many fans stunned with her flawless visuals and toned physique!

ITZY’s Ryujin |

The K-culture festival KCON is having its 10th anniversary this year, which will be celebrated in Los Angeles for 3 days on August 19-21. ITZY will be one of the major icons that are taking part this year, and they definitely looked the part as they made their way there.

But it was hard to disregard Ryujin’s flawless body proportions, which she showed off with the perfect comfy look: sweatpants and a crop top.

She pulled it off so well that it is already being added to the list of iconic Ryujin airport fashion!

This is saying a lot, considering that Ryujin is known for having presented some of the most iconic airport fashion fits ever.

Luckily, Ryujin never fails to blow minds with her perfectly toned physique and outfit!

And, of course, her (nearly) barefaced visuals are also just as lethal.

Ryujin will likely always gain attention for the looks she serves, making it exciting to see just how she’ll amaze everyone at this year’s KCON along with her members!