ITZY’s Ryujin Went To A Stunt Academy For Her “2021 MAMA” Performance And It Definitely Paid Off

Hands down one of the highlights of the night ✨

ITZY‘s Ryujin trended in multiple countries around the world thanks to her incredible performance in the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards. She played an inspector who took down thugs and the big boss played by Heo Sung Tae, seamlessly leading up to her declaration that she’s “the mafia.”

ITZY’s Ryujin 

From her charisma to her eye-catching moves, fans couldn’t get enough!

In a live broadcast following ITZY’s stage, Yeji sat down with fans and relayed behind the scenes information regarding the event. She revealed that the entire group put in every bit of effort to achieve perfection.

ITZY’s Yeji 

Ryujin, in fact, even took time out of her busy schedule to go to stunt school for her solo parts.

This time for MAMA there were action scenes so Ryujin attended a stunt academy and worked hard.

— Yeji

Ryujin may have attacked her fellow actors on stage as part of the script, but she actually had a great relationship with them off-stage. They even gave their inputs on what would look best and the ITZY member was all to happy to apply their suggestions.

The stunt actors were also really passionate and suggested things like, ‘We think this will look cool’ and more.

— Yeji

As a result of their hard work, they had a spotless performance! It was one of the most unique highlights of the entire award show.

Ryujin and the actors worked really hard so I think that’s why it came out well.

— Yeji

Check out her full stunt performance below!

Source: YouTube