ITZY’s Ryujin Proves Just How Sweet She Is While Playing “Random Dance Challenge” On “Weekly Idol”

The entire group loves and supports each other so much!

ITZY‘s Ryujin proved just how sweet she is during the group’s latest appearance on the variety show Weekly Idol!

ITZY’s Ryujin |

During the show, the ITZY members took on the Random Dance Challenge. In this game, idols dance to their own songs and other famous K-Pop songs which are played randomly. ITZY started off by dancing to their latest song, “LOCO.”


All the members were perfectly in sync, and they effortlessly did the choreography for their song “ICY” next, even though the song was played at double speed.

After dancing to their own songs, the ITZY members had to dance to GOT7‘s “Hard Carry.” They’ve performed covers of this song before, but the members looked surprised to hear the song after dancing to their own songs.

As soon as the song came on, Lia started singing along, but she didn’t dance with the other members. She seemed to have forgotten the choreography, which is completely understandable considering how much ITZY choreography she and the rest of the group has memorized over the years.

Although she was dancing along to “Hard Carry” near the front of the room, Ryujin noticed that Lia wasn’t dancing and went over to join her. She sang along with Lia, which made Lia laugh and smile adorably.

After her and Ryujin’s impromptu singalong, Lia remembered the next part of the choreography and finished the dance with the other members.

Fans couldn’t get enough of Ryujin’s sweetness and flooded the comments section to applaud her for her kindness.

We absolutely love seeing how much the ITZY members love and support each other!

See the full video clip below.