ITZY’s Ryujin And Yeji Discover Being A Disney Princess IRL Is Harder Than It Looks

It’s “A Whole New World” for ITZY!

ITZY has been on many different adventures for their current season of Codename: Secret ITZY. So far, the girls have found their artistic side, cart raced downhill, and even befriended alpacas. This week had the team of YejiLia, and Ryujin facing down an even wilder challenge; parakeets.

The girls approached the enclosure and discovered that their mission was to recreate a picture of a girl with a bird on her hand.

While Ryujin and Yeji were confident in their aviary abilities, Lia was a bit more concerned and decided to sit this mission out.

The pair went in prepared to have the birds literally eating out of the palms of their hands, but they realized they were missing something. The staff then presented them with a large cup of feed and sent them on their way.

Ryujin decided she’d be the first to approach the birds. Even with feed in hand, the birds didn’t come to her initially. Just when all hope seemed lost, something magical happened.

With Yeji’s suggestion to “climb up there, Ryujin,” she entered the depths of the sanctuary. At that moment, she became a Disney princess. Like Snow White, the birds surrounded her.

Yeji could only look on and let Ryujin know, “you look so pretty right now.”

Ryujin became one with her birds which convinced Yeji to give it a try. Yeji collected her feed and extended her arm, ready for her princess moment.

Both girls may have Disney Princess visuals, but it seems as if each princess is destined for her own “thing.” While Ryujin fits well with Snow White and her birds, Yeji is not exactly the parakeet princess. When the first bird flew into her hand, she began to freak out.

Soon she had a whole flock of parakeets surrounding her, causing her to giggle and squeal simultaneously.

It took a few rounds of parakeets approaching, but eventually, Yeji also got the hang of having the birds around. About this time, the girls discovered a clue they needed for their mission that would end their time with their feathered friends.

The pair said goodbye to their parakeet pals. “It feels like Snow White” Yeji said. Once the birds had gone, Ryujin responded, “I know what you mean. It feels like a fairy tale, all of them flying away at once.”

While the pair continued to bond over their beautiful, shared experience inside the enclosure, poor Lia outside discovered her inner Disney Princess as well. She may not have had birds to call to, but it seems that her Princess power is, unfortunately, summoning bugs.

We’ve always noticed ITZY’s princess-like visuals but seeing them do princess actions puts it into a whole new realm. What are your thoughts on the girls’ attempt at living like Snow White? Let us know, and to see the full episode, check out the video below: