ITZY’s Ryujin And Yuna Reveal The Story Of How They Got Cast While At A Concert

They stood out among hundreds of fans!

ITZY were guests on a radio show where Yuna and Ryujin recalled back to how they were cast by JYP while visiting a concert.

Yuna revealed she was street cast by a JYP recruiter back in 2015 when she went to an end-of-the-year concert featuring multiple artists!

I went to an end-of-the-year festival in 2015 where a lot of artists performed. It was my first concert.

I went with my older sister, and I had lost my way when a woman came up to me. She saw me and gave me her card, asking me to contact her later.

— Yuna

Ryujin was also cast by JYP while at a concert! But as if it were destiny, she was at GOT7’s concert! She was hesitant about the offer at first but decided to give it a try – which ultimately changed her life!

I went to see GOT7’s concert. Someone came up to me in front of the bathroom and asked if I could give her my phone number.

I was suspicious at first but she was so cute, so I decided to give it to her.

— Ryujin

While Yuna and Ryujin were spotted among hundreds of fans without even trying, DJ Lee Joon from MBLAQ humorously claimed that he auditioned 70 times and failed each time.

I failed 70 auditions before. I didn’t audition for JYP. Maybe I should’ve. But I couldn’t dance.

— Lee Joon

But with visuals like Yuna and Ryujin, it makes total sense that these girls were street cast right in the middle of hundreds of fans from all over the world!

Source: Newsen