ITZY Can’t Help But Get Emotional As They Share Their Heartfelt Letters To Each Other

They pay attention to each other’s smallest details.

During their vacation in Los Angeles, ITZY planned a spontaneous “Secret Friend” mission, which is basically like Secret Santa, but instead of at Christmas, it’s in the summer, and instead of gifts, the girls had to secretly take photos and videos of their chosen member. They also wrote letters to each other, and when the time came to share them, the girls couldn’t help but get emotional.

Despite already having a super close friendship, Secret Friend allowed the girls to pay attention to each other’s tiniest details, letting them grow even closer.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what to write because we already know each other too well. But, when I found new things about the members, it was so fun to film a video of it and I even felt so proud. It felt so good as I saved those moments.



The first to read her letter was Yeji, and Ryujin was her Secret Friend. Though she hadn’t guessed it beforehand, Yeji could tell it was Ryujin just from the handwriting and tone of the letter, and she couldn’t hold back a smile as she read the letter. All the details Ryujin listed out were small but endearing, like how Yeji doesn’t lose her posture even when she sleeps, that she loves sauces when she’s eating,  and that she’s super competitive even for small things. Ryujin even paid attention to the times Yeji got upset, and her cute tantrums warmed her heart. While Ryujin’s words are short and straightforward, it’s clear how much she cherishes Yeji.

Ryujin read her letter next, and Chaeryeong was her Secret Friend. Chaeryeong’s letter was full of sweet compliments and tiny details, and she noticed habits Ryujin didn’t even know she had. Ryujin tends to wink when she poses for pictures and scrunches her mouth cutely when she looks at her phone. Every detail about Ryujin was lovely in Chaeryeong’s eyes, and she conveyed her heart to Ryujin perfectly through her letter.

I was a little worried if I could find new things about you since I’ve known you for a while, but it was fun to watch you even if it was something that I already recognized.

— Chaeryeong

Completing the triangle, Chaeryeong’s Secret Friend turned out to be Yeji. While Yeji’s letter was also full of details, what was most touching was the constant encouragement and praise she included in the letter.

You like your right sided face, but you are still beautiful in every angle … Though you are shy, you do everything. You enjoy those attentions, so I was sure you are born to be an artist.

— Yeji

And the one detail Yeji noticed that touched everyone’s heart was that Chaeryeong shakes her foot when excited. Yeji hopes that Chaeryeong will continue to share her various charms with the world, and everyone wholeheartedly agrees with her wish.

Yuna and Lia were each other’s secret friends, and they couldn’t hold back their tears as they read each other’s letters. Yuna’s letter to Lia was poetic, describing Lia in detail and thanking her for her hard work in caring for the members, especially on this trip since Lia was fluent in English. She also didn’t forget to mention how Lia was ITZY’s happy pill thanks to her eye smile.

Driving the cart, ordering food, taking care of members, you must be tired. Thank you so much … You are similar and also different from me. I just love all sides of Lia. Until now, and from now, I’ll cheer for your journey!

— Yuna

Lia’s letter was just as sweet, and as Yuna read it aloud, she couldn’t keep her voice from shaking. Yuna is another happy pill in ITZY, and her smile never fails to brighten Lia’s day. Yuna always volunteers to take pictures of the members, and her innocence and energy touch the hearts of her members. Yuna will forever be ITZY’s precious maknae, and Lia wants Yuna to know just how special and lovely she is.

Yuna, you’re so beautiful when you smile, do you know? When Yuna smiles, her big eyes goes down, which makes my hear warm … Actually, there is a lot to talk about Yuna. I’m so happy to know Yuna. Thank you for being ITZY’s maknae, Yuna. I love you!

— Lia

Before wrapping up, the girls poured out their love for each other through a tight group hug. ITZY cherish each other deeply, and there’s never a day where fans tire of their sweet interactions.


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