ITZY Lists Their Current Favorite Songs—And They Couldn’t Make Their Love For TWICE’s Nayeon Any Clearer

Guess which songs they chose! 🎵

ITZY revealed new facts about themselves in an interview with Spotify K-Pop ON! TrackThey were happy to share more about their favorite snacks, artists, and of course, music preferences. Check out their current favorite songs in Koreaboo‘s exclusive first look at the video below!

1. Ryujin

First up, Ryujin has one song that she keeps playing on repeat nowadays.

Recently I’ve been listening to a song from the ‘Toy Story 2’ soundtrack called ‘When She Loved Me.’

— Ryujin

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She explained that she plays it whenever she’s in the mood to relax, as she added, “I like listening to it on a cool summer night like tonight.”

2. Yuna

Yuna continued the chain of unexpected replies with her revelation that loud music is exactly her type. Even her fellow members were surprised at her answer, with Chaeryeong exclaiming, “Oh really?”

I’ve been listening to a bit of hip hop lately. I’ve been listening to some really loud tunes.

— Yuna

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3. Yeji

It was Yeji’s answer that made the entire group perk up. Her current favorite song is none other than the solo debut title track of TWICE‘s Nayeon.

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I’ve been listening to ‘POP!’ by Nayeon lately.  I love that song.

— Yeji

As soon as she heard her leader’s answer, Yuna started to dance to its point choreography with the biggest smile on her face.

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Yeji then brought up the fact that they collaborated with Nayeon last June. It is a memory that is still fresh in her mind and meaningful until this day.

We did a dance challenge with her recently.

— Yeji

4. Ryujin and Lia

Ryujin piped up with another Nayeon compliment as soon as she heard Yeji mention her. Along with Lia, they both find her collaboration with Stray KidsFelix a total bop.

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Ryujin: I like “No Problem.”

Lia: Yeah, I love “No Problem.”

Check out the B-Side in question below!

Watch the full interview below!

Source: Spotify K-Pop ON! Track