ITZY’s Yeji Is Gaining Attention For Her Reaction After A Fan Seemingly Referred To Yuna As A “B*tch”

It raises a debate on fan etiquette!

ITZY‘s Yuna is known as one of the brightest idols in K-Pop, and both netizens and idols alike can’t help but fall for her charm.

ITZY’s Yuna | @sbskpop/Twitter

Despite being the youngest member of ITZY, Yuna has an amazing stage presence and has fought through so much to showcase all of her talent.


Yet, a video is gaining attention showing a fan’s disrespectful behavior towards Yuna has netizens extremely angry.

On August 20 (local time), ITZY performed at KCON and showcased their talent, visuals, and charisma on stage in several performances, both alone and even with some lucky fans.


Like the other artists that performed, ITZY also had a special stage where they could interact with fans, whether answering questions or just chatting with them. Yet, while it was meant to be a positive memory for both the group and MIDZYs, a clip has showcased a fan’s awful behavior toward Yuna.

During one of the parts of ITZY’s stage, they were answering questions from the hosts. Yuna was putting more thought into her answer, and the crowds were seemingly getting impatient, shouting, “Hurry up.”

While it might have seemed funny, one fan took it a step too far as they continued to say, “Hurry up b*tch,” using a very rude word to describe Yuna.

While the original video unsurprisingly angered fans, with many sharing their feelings about the “privilege,” the fan thought they had to speak to Yuna in such a disrespectful way…

Another video showed that, sadly, one of the other members seemingly heard the audience member shouting, and it was leader Yeji.

In the clip, when the audience member shouted the rude comment, Yeji was seen turning her head in that direction, and her expression suddenly became dark…

Before she seemingly turned back to her members.

When the clip was shared, MIDZYs shared their reactions, praising Yeji for her instinct to protect Yuna, the group’s youngest member. For many, they wanted to join Yeji because they thought it was uncalled for that someone willingly went to see ITZY and chose to shout such rude comments.

The topic of fan etiquette has become a huge debate within K-Pop, with many netizens sharing that fans need to be more respectful and not treat idols like friends. While it might work in some instances, this fan’s attempts at treating Yuna like a friend were extremely rude and disrespectful.