ITZY’s Yeji Reveals Why Chaeryeong Is Her Ideal Work Partner

She spoke very fondly about her fellow member’s talents and work ethic!

ITZY‘s Yeji dished on her great work chemistry with fellow member Chaeryeong!

On the latest episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, Chaeryeong and Yeji sat down to talk about food habits, texting habits, and more!

The topic soon focused on their relationship with each other, and Yeji revealed that the one time the two really get along together is when they’re working!

I felt I really got along with Chaeryeong when…I say this all the time. We really click when we’re working.


Chaeryeong agreed, citing the reason for their perfect work relationship to be perfectionism, and stated another reason why they get along super well!

We’re perfectionists. You and I are more similar because we’re impatient. We feel at ease after finishing the task at hand. So we relate to each other in that aspect.


As the main dancers of the team, Yeji and Chaeryeong have perfect teamwork indeed!

Watch them talk about it here!