ITZY’s Yeji Reveals She Once Hated Dancing—Here’s What Changed Her Mind

She’s now one of ITZY’s main dancers 🔥

ITZY‘s Yeji was recently chosen to be Studio Choom‘s “Artist Of The Month.” In an incredible display of raw talent, she impressed with a dance cover of Bishop Briggs‘s “River.”

A behind the scenes video was released soon after, and here she revealed how her love story with dancing first began. As a child, her dream was to become a singer. Surprisingly, however, the future idol hated dancing!

Ever since I was young, my dream was to become a singer. But kids usually have a dream when they’re young because, rather than clearly liking something, they like it because it looks cool. My dream was to become a singer, but I hated dancing.

— Yeji

Her sister was the reason why she changed her mind. Together, they danced to Wonder Girls‘s hit songs “Tell Me” and “So Hot.” She immediately took a liking to it, and she’s been dancing ever since.

I actually started dancing because my sister told me to. When Wonder Girls’s ‘Tell Me’ and ‘So Hot’ were trending, she got me to dance with her. I began dancing like that.

— Yeji

After starting elementary school, Yeji decided to join the local dance group. She may have been new to the dance scene, but her peers quickly acknowledged her talent and gave her the highly coveted center position!

When I entered elementary school, I joined a dance group. I covered Miss A’s ‘Good Bye Baby,’ and I got the center position just two weeks after joining the club.

— Yeji

A memory she cannot forget until now is how her teacher complimented her after one of their performances. She also cannot forget the thrill of having many people cheer for her.

My teacher complimented me after I got off the stage and told me that I did really well. It felt so great to hear that compliment, and many people cheered for us when we went on stage.

— Yeji

Yeji may have disliked dancing when she was young, but she ended up becoming one of the main dancers of ITZY—not to mention one of the greatest dancers of this generation!

See more behind the scenes footage of Yeji in the full video below.

Source: STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]