ITZY’s Yeji Proves She’s A Natural Leader While Filming With Jessi For Their TikTok Challenge

Yeji pays attention to even the smallest details.

ITZY gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the filming of their TikTok challenge with Jessi for “ZOOM” in the latest episode of their ITZY?ITZY! series, and Yeji‘s natural leadership won everyone over, including Jessi.

| ITZY/YouTube

Jessi first started by teaching them choreography, and right from the start, it’s easy to see that Yeji and Chaeryeong have been practicing the choreo on their own, with Yuna quickly picking up the steps on the spot.

When Jessi forgot how one of the moves went, Yeji was the one to remind Jessi, surprising Jessi with how well she knew the choreography.

This wasn’t the only time Yeji impressed Jessi with her memory. When Yeji imitated the actions Jessi would do for the opening, she had even the tiniest details down, causing everyone, including Jessi, to fall a little bit more in love with her.

Throughout their practice, Yeji took on an active role in planning out the details of the challenge, letting her leadership skills shine. Whether it was their individual parts or what they would do altogether, Yeji seamlessly pieced together the big picture while paying close attention to the minor details.

Even after they finished filming, ITZY stayed behind to help Jessi figure out the nuances of the TikTok, like matching the sound and creating the perfect caption. It’s clear how close ITZY and Jessi are, giving each other endless encouragement and support.

You can watch the final version of their challenge here:


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