ITZY’s Yeji And TXT’s Soobin Prove Why Fanwars Shouldn’t Exist With Dance Covers Of Each Other’s Tracks

We need more TXT x ITZY crumbs ASAP!

With so many amazing K-Pop groups in the industry, sometimes fans like to pit groups against each other in a battle for supremacy. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth and idols love showing their support for each other in any way possible.

Two people have recently come to shut down fan wars, and it’s none other than TXT‘s Soobin and ITZY‘s Ryujin.

TXT’s Soobin | @txt_members/Twitter
ITZY’s Yeji |

Without a doubt, TXT and ITZY are two of the hottest K-Pop groups around and constantly treat fans to amazing performances, stunning visuals, and charming personalities.


There have also been some adorable and hilarious interactions with both groups, whether it was TXT’s unexpected cameo in ITZY’s vlog…

Or Ryujin hyping up Soobin when he was dancing to “Dynamite.”

Well, it seems like the crumbs have continued after both Soobin and Yeji have proved to be truly iconic by slaying each other’s tracks.

TXT recently stole the hearts of netizens and idols after their appearance on The Game Caterers with the rest of the HYBE. In particular, Soobin gained a lot of love by cementing his title as “cover dance” king.

Although he slayed them all, one dance Soobin did particularly caught the attention of fans, and it was none other than ITZY’s “LOCO.” The original track is full of fire, passion, and sass.

Yet, as expected from Soobin, he channeled the same attitude and had the idols cheering for him. Sometimes, male idols are criticized for making dances “masculine,” but the same couldn’t be said for Soobin, who kept the song’s core message.

Similar to TXT on The Game Caterers, ITZY has been wowing netizens with their covers on TikTok, dancing to tracks their fans (MIDZY) want to see them do, whether it’s girl or boy groups.

The most recent one from Yeji sent the internet into meltdown after they finally answered fans’ calls to dance to TXT’s track “Good Boy Gone Bad.” As expected, ITZY’s leader absolutely slayed with her visuals, facial expressions, and pure talent.

Within hours, the video went viral and had been watched millions of times. Combined with Soobin’s cover of “LOCO,” netizens loved the interactions between the fourth-generation groups and how much they wanted to shut down any ideas of fan wars.

Whether it will mean a TXT x ITZY collaboration in the future might be a far stretch, but it’s definitely proof that idols love giving netizens interactions in any way possible. As two of the leading fourth-generation idols, any crumbs are welcome by netizens.

You can read more about Soobin making everyone fall in love with his cover dances below.

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