ITZY’s Yuna Takes Everyone’s Breath Away With Her Beauty At The 2019 MGMAs

Netizens claim she was “born to be a celebrity”!

ITZY‘s Yuna recently graced the red carpet for the 2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS.


She confidently stepped onto the red carpet, dressed in a white blazer dress and thigh-high white boots.


She decorated her outfit with the perfect balance of eccentric silver accessories.


But the top of cherry in her stunning style was her gorgeous visuals!


Netizens and fans couldn’t help but fawn over how beautiful Yuna looked at the 2019 MGMAs. They claimed she had a “luxurious beauty” that excelled among the teen idols today!


Once again, Yuna has proven that she’s not just a talented singer but a visual goddess!


All hail the visual queen, Yuna!

Source: Spotv News