ITZY Yuna’s Butt Shape Once Led Her To Get Stung By Bees… Here’s What Happened

Lia was confused, Chaeryeong was shocked, and we can all agree with both of them!

To celebrate the release of ITZY‘s hit new song, the group joined Hello82 to talk all things “LOCO”—and Yuna had a particularly crazy story to share involving her butt, a beehive, and plenty of painful stings.

When it came to the interview portion of ITZY’s Hello82 appearance, Yeji‘s question for Yuna was, “What was the most ‘LOCO’ thing you’ve ever done in your life?” Immediately, Yuna thought back to a hilarious childhood memory that no one expected.

ITZY’s Yuna

Lia once remarked that she hopes 17-year-old maknae Yuna stays a child forever, and it’s easy to see why. After all, she’s been pretty, adorable, and multi-talented ever since she was little. However, judging by this childhood story, she also had a crazy and rambunctious side when she was younger. Yuna started off by revealing that it all happened when she was around four years old, way back in 2007.

Yuna as a child

Yuna went on to explain that while she was out, she saw a beehive. While most kids would run in fear, Yuna decided to sit down on the hive—and promptly found herself getting stung by bees!

Poor little Yuna ended up with “more than 10 or 20 bee stings,” which would be a pretty horrible experience even for an adult, so one can only imagine how brave she must have been through the ordeal. “It must have hurt a lot,” Lia sympathized, with Ryujin agreeing, “Yeah, a lot!


But while the memory made us wince, the reason Yuna sat on the beehive in the first place will crack you up…

I sat down [on it]… because it looked like… the shape of my butt,” Yuna revealed, to the shock of her members and the fans watching!

How does one’s butt look like… a beehive? Even Lia was confused, asking, “How does your butt look like?” as she tried to conjure up a mental image.

ITZY’s Lia

Chaeryeong, in meanwhile, was in a state of pure shock that we can all relate to.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong

But Yuna defended herself by reminding the members, “At that time, I was very, very little.” To her four-year-old mind, maybe they really did look similar.

You were very fearless,” Lia told her after hearing the totally “loco” story, and that definitely describes baby Yuna well. Thankfully, she recovered well from her stings—and she still hasn’t lost her bold nature to this day. Watch ITZY’s new “LOCO” music video here:

Source: Hello82